KV Global Education offers quality educational consultation and is specialized in providing professional assistance to a multitude of domestic and international age groups. Facilitating and consulting students in various summer programs, English programs, pathway courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

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Career Counselling

The Career Counselling process aims to help you understand yourself and the work world so that you may make informed decisions regarding your career, academic, and personal lives. It is vital to select a career that you are passionate about in the beginning of your adult life, since career defines who you are, the kind of lifestyle you have, and the interaction with others. Shortly stated, your career affects the quality of your life. Applying to a university abroad represents an important decision, both emotionally and financially. Thus, it is imperative to put in adequate effort and time in order to make the right career choice.

Visa Assistance

It is vital that the visa application is handled correctly in order to be able to study abroad. Just a minor error in this process would make all other efforts in vain. Therefore, our visa experts help you with every aspect of the visa-processing process, from filling in the visa application form to preparing your documents and submitting them on time to obtaining the visa. To ensure that you get a real taste of the visa interview, we also conduct mock interviews.

Study Abroad Counselling

Choosing a career path can be a very difficult decision when studying abroad. That’s why we provide assistance beyond simply shortlist a country and university, but we also help you get the most out of your time abroad. To narrow down the list to the top priority universities suitable for your profile is an arduous endeavor because there are umpteen top ranking universities worldwide. Here’s where our educational counsellors come in handy. Profile analyses performed by our Admission Advisors will help you select the best options that suit both your profile and preferences based on your educational background and career objectives. Your preferences will then be suggested as to the countries and universities with programs that suits you.

Finance Guidance

After getting a comprehensive understanding of the universities of your preference, you’re fit for the desired schools, and how much you are willing to spend, ultimately you’ll realize that, the financial consideration will win out. It is true that studying abroad can be very expensive. You will need to factor in the cost of living in your country and the cost of your university as well. The immediate burden can be drastically reduced if you are able to get an education loan, scholarship, or grant from the college or university of your choice. The only way one can attain this is through professional guidance, which can only be provided by firms like ours.

Test Preparation

Classroom-based training is our hallmark service, including SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT tests as well as English proficiency tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL (IBT), and PTE. The coaching provided by us is comprehensive, client-focused, and results-driven, with flexibility in scheduling and personalized attention. With advanced materials, quality teaching, a library of unparalleled books, a variety of mock exams, and an emphasis on excellence, KV Global Education services makes learning an enjoyable experience.

Scholarship Guidance

As we begin with an estimation, here is a list of expenditures that you should be aware of. By using our services, you will be able to manage and design your budgets without having to worry about anything. In fact, all our basic costs, including lodging, food, health care, and transportation, were paid by us! Using our scholarship guidance consultancy area, you will get essential information regarding foreign financial assistance. We understand that an international education abroad may be difficult to afford, and many universities provide studying bonds to recognize your dedication to studying abroad.

Profile Development

With our platform, you can choose from top universities in five countries. In this regard, our Country Counsellors are vital. By evaluating your profile, they can provide expert advice on institutions and courses abroad, simplifying the process of selecting the countries and universities that are best suited for you. You can have options tailored to meet your career and financial goals with their guidance. In addition, our advisors are there to assist you with understanding the scholarship opportunities and paid internship programs offered by universities so that you can prepare your finances before leaving your homeland.

SOP Writing

You will have an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise, interests, capabilities, and passion for the specialization you have chosen. SOP writers for our company are experienced in writing concise and precise statements of purpose for your application. Their work uses a crisp format that introduces you, explains your career goals, academic achievements, and what motivates you to pursue the course of your choice.

Country, Course & University Selection

If you choose the right country and university, your study abroad experience will be greatly enhanced. In order for you to shortlist the countries and universities most suited to your career goals and budget preferences, our skilled counsellors assist you in the process. Over top universities around the world ensure that you have a wide range of options when you work with KV Global Education. As part of our study abroad services, we can help you qualify for scholarships and paid internships at universities worldwide.

Pre-Departure & Travel Briefing

Before you leave for your dream destination, we provide you with a pre-departure briefing about things you need to remember. Our instructors also conduct sessions from time to time to help you understand the immigration process and provide a glimpse of student life abroad. Besides providing travel support, accommodation, currency exchange, and insurance coverage, we provide auxiliary study abroad services. Once you land in your dream destination, we ensure that you are comfortable. Our alumni network can also give you assistance if you need it in times of need, including those studying abroad at numerous universities overseas. These measures are all taken to make you feel at home while visiting a foreign country.