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KV Global Education classes in Lucknow are doing splendid work in teaching foreign languages like English, French, German. KV Global Education has been providing foreign language classes since 2002. Classes are available in both modes online and classroom. KV Global Education provides the complete knowledge of a language, teachers in KV Global Education comprehend all the important concepts of a language in an interactive way.”

The French language is divided into 6 levels A1 | A2 | B1 | B2 | C1 | C2. A1 is a beginner level A2 is a Complete beginner B1 is Intermediate B2 is Complete Intermediate C1 Translator and C2 is a complete translator level.

About Levels of French language

A1 Beginner
At level A1 a learner can understand and use the basic expressions of the Language.
Can Introduce and ask Questions to others about personal details.

A2 Elementary
At level A2, a learner can understand the frequently used expressions and can interact with people in areas such as shopping, family etc. using basic of language.

B1 Intermediate
At level B1 learners can understand the conversations relating family, work, friends, school college etc.
1 Can also develop the conversation within the area.
2 He/She can deal with situations while travelling in the
area where the language spoken.
3 Can describe the experiences and events, opinion etc.

B2 Intermediate Advance
AT level B2 learners can understand the complex jargon of the field they are related to and can interact with people spontaneously without a frown on their forehead. Can also interact with the people native to that language.

C1 Advanced
At level C1 a learner can understand a wide and deep range of long and demanding conversations and can express
ideas without so much strain of researching can use language for academic or professional situations with proper jargon.

C2 Proficiency
At level C2, a learner can easily understand everything read or heard.
Can use complex expressions in any situation with ease. Can go along with the native speakers. Can give the precise meaning of difficult words and

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