Study Medicine In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia that offers high-quality medical education to international students at affordable costs.

Many medical universities in Uzbekistan are government-funded and accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The tuition fees for MBBS in Uzbekistan are much lower than in India and many other countries, ranging from $3000 to $4000 per year on average.

The Uzbekistan government also offers scholarships and discounts to international students.

The medium of instruction for MBBS in Uzbekistan is English. The course and curriculum are designed to meet international standards and compete with the most esteemed medical universities in the world.

The MBBS course in Uzbekistan places a greater focus on the practical aspects of education. Students have access to world-class facilities, experienced faculty, and a dynamic learning environment that fosters academic and personal growth.

They also have the opportunity to conduct medical experiments and clinical clerkship from the first semester itself.

The admission process for MBBS in Uzbekistan is simple and straightforward, with no entrance exams required, only 50% marks and NEET qualification.

Uzbekistan has a rich culture and a diverse landscape that offers a pleasant and safe environment for students, with a comparatively low cost of living.

Popular Universitys

Fergana Medical Institute Of Public Health

Bukhara State University

Tashkent Medical Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uzbekistan MBBS valid in India?

Yes, Uzbekistan MBBS is valid in India if the university follows the points mentioned in the new NMC Gazette.

What is the cost of living in Uzbekistan?

The average cost of living in Uzbekistan is Approx. 7,000 to 10,000 Indian rupees.

Is Uzbekistan safe to live there after MBBS?

It is safe to live in Uzbekistan after MBBS because the crime level is low, the architecture is excellent, Locals are nice and hospitable towards outsiders.